Chris M.

There was a terrible blizzard on Friday. The air was sharp like broken glass. Trees cracked and lights flickered. The streets were quiet, because it was deemed unsafe to go outdoors, and it was freezing.

Then the power went out in our house. After that, time moved incredibly slowly. Within a couple of hours all our phones and laptops were dead, and it was dark, and there was no heat.

My family slept by the fireplace with blankets and the dogs to keep warm, while I slept in my bed upstairs (privacy > warmth). Everyone woke up at dawn to the sound of a plow halfheartedly moving most of the snow off of the street, only to check later and see that it was still several feet high (two, maybe three? I don’t know).

Finally, when the streets were drivable, we took the trip to my grandfather Bumpa’s house. My siblings and I stayed there, while my dad went home to be with the dogs.

Bumpa decided to give my little brother pizza, Trix, Froot Loops, and mini doughnuts for dinner. He went WILD. He stayed up late bouncing off the walls, and was totally grumpy the next morning. Little kids crash harder than anyone after a long night of sugar-binging.

When we went home, I watched my siblings play Battleship, and then we all just kind of sat around. I never thought I would say this, but I miss civilization. Thank goodness our power finally came back on. ♦