You guys. YOU GUYS. This weekend I made HISTORY (or herstory, LOL). Last week I was in a perpetual barf zone because I did none of the work I told myself I was going to do over Thanksgiving break. It piled up like the trash in that Shel Silverstein poem where that girl never takes out the trash, because she hates it, and the trash EATS HER or something. I mean, I think she just had to leave her house, but in my memory, the trash comes alive and has her for a snack.

Basically, my work this week ate me like I was a tube of Go-Gurt, slurping up my soul until none of it was left. I was running on little sleep, so when one teacher asked me a question during a presentation I was giving, I slipped and replied, “IDK.” QUELLE HORREUR! So, this weekend, even though all that is left of me is an empty yogurt container, I got to work. Friday night, instead of getting a burrito and watching the Christian Slater skateboard film I’ve been dying to see, I wrote a draft of a paper and caught up on reading. Fun! Saturday, instead of sleeping in and lounging about all day, I did some research at the library, finished my paper, and got some more homework done. If I’m not the coolest teen on the internet, WHO IS?!?!?

Don’t be fooled, I still spent a lot of time dancing to “Only Girl in the World” and lip-synching to “Crazy in Love,” but I basically denied myself fun in order to get work done. Also, don’t be fooled again: I still think I might puke because of final essays and exams, but with Beyoncé by my side and a newfound work ethic, I’m feeling a little more confident. Now excuse me while I go do some A+ work (read: curl up in a ball and cry). ♦