As a result of Hurricane Sandy, I haven’t seen my friends in a little over a week. School was canceled, and each day has been spent reading miscellaneous blogs and talking to various people from school online, which is not the same as actually talking to them, you know? It’s also safe to assume that my raven costume—inspired by the one and only Suzy Bishop—is going to be collecting dust, since Halloween was canceled. My school is being temporarily relocated. My schoolmates and I have to go to an elementary school to attend classes, which probably means no Senior Dress-Up Day, which is when all the eighth graders wear costumes (because for some reason, it’s not enough to just let us dress up on Halloween).

News of destroyed houses and flooded basements are blowing up my Facebook newsfeed, in stark comparison to the previous jokes about how it was going to be a tiny storm and that we would be back to school in a couple of days. I spent my time inside finishing up assignments and staying up late to watch King of the Hill, since it was too windy to go outside. I only got to go outside a few days ago, and I had to refrain from kissing the ground, I was so overjoyed by fresh air and civilization. One more day inside and I may have ended up like Jack from The Shining, because cabin fever is a real thing. ♦