GlamCock and Glamazon

By Krista

Me (right) and my GlamCock

My girlfriend and I didn’t plan for Halloween last year, and we decided to go to a party at the very last second. In case it’s not COMPLETELY OBVIOUS, we are GlamCock and a Glamazon. Get it? Like glam rock, but a rooster? Don’t ask me, folks, this seemed brilliant at the time. CJ and I were going through a total David Bowie phase, and our costumes were a tribute to the Great Glamazon himself. Also, I collect unitards for exactly these types of emergency situations, because any excuse to wear a unitard in public is…an excuse to wear a unitard in public.

So! How can you do this?

1. Find unitards at a thrift store, a dance-supply store, or—and this is cheating—American Apparel.

2. For GlamCock: Use duct tape to attach a fluffy feather boa to your rear end. Then tape more feathers to your sleeves or arm warmers. Add a beak mask, and fashion your hair into a Mohawk. Then cover the Mohawk in hairspray and red glitter, creating that weird red thing (cockscomb?) that roosters have on their heads.

3. For Glamazon: Find a pair of tall boots and a giant wig. Look for a jeweled belt, or bejewel one of your own. Use a silk scarf as a cape, put on a ton of glitter eye shadow, and you’re done!

4. Make everyone gasp at how clever and punny you are.

5. Look at the pictures the next day and realize everyone could see your nipple piercing.