Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web

By Amy Rose

Me (far right) with Charlotte (far left) and a member of Team Rocket

One year, I was Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web, and my best friend Lilly was Charlotte. She’s on the far left of this picture, and I’m on the right—we’re separated by a lone member of Team Rocket, but that, while awesome, is not part of the joint costume. To achieve this look, I bought a four-piece pig kit from Ricky’s that included ears, a nose THAT ACTUALLY OINKED, a tail, and an inexplicable bowtie. Then, using an old American Apparel V-neck, I Sharpie-ed “SOME PIG” in my spideriest handwriting. To turn Lilly into Charlotte, I cut a bunch of pairs of pantyhose in half, and tied the halves to a bodysuit to give her some extra legs, like an arachnid. I still wear my “SOME PIG” shirt all the time, actually.