The party is over. The balloons have long since popped, and there are no more Cheetos left in the decorative bowls. I’m lying on the floor, surrounded by streamers and eating candy from one of the leftover gift bags. The furniture is looking a little worse for the wear: there’s a giant punch stain on the carpet and a broken vase in the corner. I’m contemplating cleaning up, but I’m going to remain on the floor eating the candy a little while longer, because cleaning is difficult and the party was a TOTAL RAGER.

I’m talking about my PITY PARTY, which has been going on for several weeks now. I mean, it’s been going on for the past 18 years, but it’s just recently started serving alcohol and blaring house music. I’m stopping this now, because it is unhealthy and gross.

Since my workload this semester isn’t crippling, and since I’m dying of boredom, I’m going to try to find something to do. It’s going to be kind of a challenge. In high school, I had theater, dance, and school newspaper. At college, those things are mostly for the people who major in them (except the newspaper, which is just lame).

Challenges are good, though. I’m going to keep on casually asking upperclassmen what there is to do here, but I’m also going to look outside of my school. If I don’t like it here, then the most logical thing to do is to find something not related to it whatsoever. I’m going to a job fair with a girl from one of my music classes, and I am currently searching Craigslist for jobs or internships.

Being in a rut is exhausting. I’m tired of being a completely self-involved brat who whines all the time. I’m going to clean myself off and step into the sunshine.

This diary is brought to you by Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. ♦