It’s Wednesday, at 11 PM, and I am up doing homework. I’m not even halfway done: I still have a density worksheet for science class to fill out, a series of complicated math problems to solve, and the rest of a social studies handout to copy down and answer. I spent about two hours listening to Lana Del Rey on repeat in order to write a five-paragraph music review for my creative writing class. That was one of the easier assignments.

With a two-hour photography class after school and piles of work waiting for me at home, I’ve been up until midnight for the past three days. I have to wake up at 5 AM, so I haven’t gotten much sleep. My eyelids are beginning to droop, and I’m thinking about how useless this assignment is. What’s the point of copying down the questions from the worksheet if I have the worksheet? But that logic wouldn’t go over well with my teacher.

I can’t keep doing this. On top of not finding eighth grade interesting so far, it’s too much to handle. But I’m trying to find ways to juggle everything. My friends keep asking me what’s wrong, because I keep putting my head down randomly, at lunch and in class, and just lying there, unable to sleep, but too tired to really do anything else. I can barely smile with them or laugh at their jokes. It’s earned me some weird looks. And tomorrow won’t be any different. How long will this go on? ♦