Ava’s jacket

First, I embroidered a piece of tie-dyed fabric and affixed it to the back of my jacket with safety pins. For the tie-dye, I twisted the fabric into a coil and cinched it with elastic bands. Then I just followed the instructions on the dye packet.

Once the fabric was dry, I drew my rocking-horse design on it in pencil. From here on it helps to have embroidery experience, but the backstitch is pretty easy to learn. I used it to create a continuous line, and I added details, like sequin flowers, to the hair. The embroidery hoop you see below helped keep the fabric taut while I sewed.

For the collar I used some lace fabric that I bought at a thrift store. Fabric stores often have discount baskets for smaller swatches; otherwise, I recommend doilies or tablecloths. I cut the lace in half and pinned it to the jacket collar. (It helps to pin before you stitch to prevent mistakes.) For detail, I sewed an assortment of sequins into the lace. I did the same for the inside of the cuff.

I bought a couple of coin purses from the junk shop and made them into elbow pads by turning them inside out, unpicking the stitches, and cutting them into the right shape.

All done!