At this point in my summer, the quality of my days is dictated by what’s in the fridge, what’s on TV, what I’m reading, and how much money I have to spend on ice cream and french fries. Bonus points for hanging out with friends. By those standards, I’ve had an excellent week. The ice cream and fries were plentiful, iCarly was on a lot, and I just finished Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin. It made me wish I’d been keeping a diary since the fifth grade, and also that I’d led a slightly more exciting youth. What was I doing, studying so much? Why were band and theater my main priorities? I should have been going out at night and making out with everyone. It’s all so obvious to me now.

ALSO ALSO ALSO, my BFF came back to town after spending a summer semester in Louisiana. We went to the pool and talked about this butt-face guy she had a thing with. He SUCKS and deserves to eat poo for breakfast every morning for the rest of forever. If you think you see him, tell him this. If he is carrying an ice cream cone when you see him, take it from him, taste it, and THROW IT ON THE GROUND. Bonus points if you throw it into some sand or dog poo.

When all of these teenagers kept on showing up at the pool, we left and went to Wendy’s to get frosties and fries, and took them back to my house. After that, she left to go see a play. It always sucks when you stop hanging out with people, because you have to come down from the high of being with them. Somebody once told me that it was always better to leave any sort of gathering while you were still having a good time so that you would go out on a high note, but I basically don’t ever do that unless I have to. I’m just a girl chasing a social high, ya know. JK, I just stay inside all day and try to get out of mowing the lawn.

Of course, sitting around and refusing to mow the lawn makes me vulnerable to all sorts of criticism. I’m getting annoyed with how my brother keeps telling me that I have to get out of the house every day, as if he’s better than me because he works at a sandwich shop. It sucks when someone is always telling you how to spend your free time. When he sees me on my computer, he comments on how all I do is sit at my computer all day. When he walked in on me reading once, he said, “At least you’re absorbing something.” He is also being really bratty about my sleeping schedule (staying up as late as 6 AM; sleeping in till 2 PM) when that’s exactly what he does when he doesn’t have to work.

But as much as I love fries and pleasure reading and pool time with my BFF and staying up and sleeping late, I do wish my summer had more of a plot. When you’re at school, you’re forced to interact with a bunch of kids and teachers and you have tons of things to keep you busy. There’s a thrust to things; you’re trying to make good grades while also trying to land a part in a play and keep some girl from writing fabricated posts about you on her Facebook wall. The plot is sorta hellish, but at least it’s interesting. I’d rather be exhausted and angry at the world but BUSY than stuck in my room with nothing to do but be pensive. However, since there’s ice cream involved, I guess I’m fine being pensive a little longer. Soon enough it’ll be back to school and back to being angry at the world. ♦