Dear Diary

July 11, 2012

Deep thoughts.


Wimbledon is over for yet another year. Life always feels a little empty after these two weeks have come and gone. Like any major sporting event, it fills the gaps in your day, giving you something to do before you know what to do with your time, or engrossing you to the point that you dare not leave the room to go to the toilet.

I think “sports” get a bad rap. So does the excitement of “sports fans,” which sometimes seems pointless, boring, or just plain crazy. But I love the connected feeling that you get from watching big events on TV. Sometimes it feels like everybody is watching. I like the relationship between spectacle and spectators, how the crowd becomes a single entity, willing athletes to succeed. I’ve always been a casual enthusiast, but it’s only recently that I’ve realized how much I have grown to love sport of almost any kind.

There has always been a part of me that is aching to learn about anything. I want to understand as much as possible, and be open to every joy and pleasure. And so sometimes I find myself transfixed by athletes who have been playing a sport for as long as I have been alive and therefore know it with such an intimacy and intensity that it becomes second nature. I love to memorize the jargon, or practice identifying talent and skill—including the slight variations that make the difference between winning and losing. I don’t mind asking my dad a lot of questions. There is still a lot to learn.

Every year, I feel like I understand more, and with understanding comes appreciation. And now suddenly I’m nostalgic about tournaments like Wimbledon, and major sporting events have become an integral part of my life; there is comfort in knowing that the same things always happen at the same time every year. When I was still in school, I’d come home, grab an ice lolly from the freezer and turn on the tennis; the green courts and players kitted out in white were always the first indicator of summer. How strange to think I’ll probably feel this way for the rest of my life. ♦


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  • sobrina July 11th, 2012 7:21 PM

    OMG Ruby, just reading that made me want to tear my hair out. My strategy in these situations is usually “if this happened to (insert favorite TV character) it would be super funny.” Like at school, when people are being impossible, I pretend I’m in a sitcom and it gets a lot easier to deal with. Good luck!

  • Moxx July 11th, 2012 7:24 PM

    Well, people who decide that it’s ok to read the bible out loud to their poor cabin mates are clearly not perfectly sane.

    This girl sounds like she has some problems with herself. I think the best thing you can do right now is laugh internally about it! I hope it gets better, by the way. :)

  • isobele July 11th, 2012 7:25 PM

    Ugggh, I hate people like that! This girl in my class actually made sure she almost broke her arm in PE just so she could have an argument with another girl. So much drama.

  • Tyknos93 July 11th, 2012 7:34 PM

    Jeez what’s that Amy girl’s problem??? The Hannah Montana thing is kinda funny though.

    Dylan, your post was beautiful. I remember my junior year of high school, taking train rides until the end of the line and back, early in the morning.

    It was like the entire city was asleep or just waking up. I felt like I was the first human, which is really weird to say, but it was just a nice experience. I like the city and I like the country. I feel more creative when I’m away from all the city lights and littered streets and loud city folk.

    I like the buildings that have aged over the years, the unpaved roads, I like the wild plants and the air.

    I think you’ll find your place though.

  • July 11th, 2012 7:45 PM

    Ruby: that girl sounds a lot like a girl who used to be in my class. She would make everything about her and constantly put others down and then say that they were bullying her. Just ignore people like that…

  • cherrycola27 July 11th, 2012 8:12 PM

    Katherine, that’s awesome that you are going to that music festival, I’m sure it’ll be great.
    I just recently realized that the Japandroids are pretty popular, and I have to say I don’t understand why. I saw them a few years ago when they opened for the Walkmen and my friends and I really didn’t like their music.
    But everyone has different opinions, of course! :)

  • anybeth July 11th, 2012 10:11 PM

    Ruby – I made friends with an Amy-esque girl at school. I lasted a good eight months before she betrayed my trust one too many times. I just cut her out of my life. It was surprisingly easy. I do feel guilty sometimes, but I made it clear that if she wants to be my friend, or anybody’s friend she has to start respecting people.
    You seem to be dealing with it much better than I did though, I was very melodramtic silent treatmenty haha. :)

  • keezey July 11th, 2012 10:16 PM

    Katherine, I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE MY HUBBIES ON YOUR DOOR! And even more because your dad can name them. My mom just calls them “The British Boys” and I say, “ONE OF THEM IS IRISH!” And she just rolls her eyes….

    Ruby, I feel for you girl…

  • llamagesicht July 11th, 2012 10:40 PM


  • deuxiemesexe July 11th, 2012 11:05 PM

    Naomi, I totally understand you. As a kid, I watched Wimbledon with my mother, and I still do it every year. It’s creepy but I can recognize the family members of the players in the stands. I’m looking foward to the Olympics! In 2008, I slept in the living room during the games to watch it late at night. By the way, the Open Ceremony is the best thing ever!

  • Mayabett July 11th, 2012 11:22 PM

    Interesting reflection, Dylan. I live in NYC and I can definitely relate.

  • Abby July 12th, 2012 12:05 AM

    So, Katherine, I just want to say thank you for making me feel like I’m not the only person in the workd who listens to One Direction, and also lesser-known stuff… People always seem to think that just because I listen to them, that means that all I listen to is pop music… Um … No.

    And to Dylan… I’ve ALWAYS wanted that idyllic childhood in a cute little town where everyone knows each other and you can just let your kids go hang around the neighborhood because it isn’t dangerous and everyone looks out for everyone else. I feel you, sister.

    • missmadness July 12th, 2012 9:03 AM

      UGH, my boyfriend HAD that childhood in the mountains of NC! They would all bike up to the gas station to drink glass bottles cokes and eat ice cream, and then go over to whoever’s house was making the best dinner that night.

      I’m clearly jealous, haha.

  • la fee clochette July 12th, 2012 12:31 AM

    Ruby: Ugh, I’m 24 and but recently had my own room-mate that was an “Amy”, for a month in Iceland. It is emotionally trying to be around someone like that, but at least it is temporary. Still, I’m glad you at least have this writing outlet to unleash the weirdness that emits certain people like her! i hope she grows out of it, for her sake, too. I will be hoping, for you, that camp gets less dramatic! ;)

  • LeatherStuddedFae July 12th, 2012 1:34 AM

    Ahaha! Ruby, reading about Amy makes me assume she’s a hypocrite. I mean… seriously? She just read the bible out loud and now she’s doing the complete opposite of what it says. Reminds me of some people in middle school and a few from high school. Immature.

    Raaaah! Katherine! Vas Happenin’? I love you for loving One Direction. :))) Your dad is awesome for reading out their names. XD Hope he pronounced them right.

    Your stories are all so inspirational and lovely. <3

  • hollysh July 12th, 2012 1:43 AM

    SEE YOU AT PITCHFORK KATHERINE! It’s my fourth year going and it ruuuuuules.

  • llamalina July 12th, 2012 1:56 AM

    dylan: i live just outside the city! i spend the day in the city every other weekend. i love san francisco, but for some reason it has always made me feel incredibly lonely.

    it might be because i live in a generally sunny area and the city is always cloudy and grey. it might also be the fact that no one seems to smile at me on the street except for junkies and homeless men. i remember reading this story – i don’t know if it’s true – about how a man jumped off the golden gate bridge, and he’d written in his suicide note that if one person smiled at him on the bridge, he wouldn’t jump. it’s still a beautiful city though and i feel lucky i grew up next to it.

    • Dylan July 15th, 2012 10:07 PM

      That’s a devastating story. I feel that way about Seattle, sometimes, just about the lack of social warmth. I think it is better in San Francisco, but I can relate to being uncomfortable in both places, walking down the street and wishing I was somewhere…happier.

  • meels July 12th, 2012 6:02 AM

    Naomi I totally get post Wimbledon blues too, I love coming home and putting it on. However its a relief when its over cos I go to school in Wimbledon and it can get so crazy with so many people around

  • Afiqa July 12th, 2012 6:08 AM

    Ruby: Amy sounds like a hypocrite. I mean, aren’t all religious books and beliefs teach you indirectly on how to be humble and well, nice?

  • moonflower July 12th, 2012 7:36 AM

    Ruby, I found your article so frustrating to read! I can relate, being in the situation where you take someone under your wing and ultimately get undeservedly punished for it, at least you know inside you were only trying to help.

    Maybe the counsilors were on her side because perhaps they know something about her that others don’t. Maybe a mental issue or something… Either way, keep being patient, at least you’re not the only one who sees through her lies and meanness, just enjoy camp with the nice people :)

  • actressgirl July 12th, 2012 10:37 AM

    Ruby that girl sounds nuts!!! The so called bad girls just sound cool compared to her

  • Lucille July 12th, 2012 10:54 AM

    OH, Rubzzz, just ignore that kind of people!:)

  • Dylan July 13th, 2012 7:00 PM

    I got up at 6am Pacific time to watch Wimbledon live and chat Naomi about it…we make GREAT commentary.

  • mayagoo July 14th, 2012 11:30 PM

    AUGH Dylan your writing is beautiful and meeting you today was amazing, you are so sweet/adorable/funny in person and I sincerely enjoyed talking and getting to know you. I totally forget what we were talking about, but it was something weird and I totally remember saying “brb dying” and sincerely regretting it, so I’m assuming it was a really good convo. Anyway, you’re lovely. This is lovely. Imma read all the other ones now. kaycoolthanxbai
    xoxo Maya (i had the cuff/weirdly awesome necklace that was silver and dangly…..this is a terrible description of myself, but I hope you remember me)

  • illonablyton July 15th, 2012 6:25 AM

    Amy seems a little… off.

  • AliceM July 15th, 2012 11:18 AM

    Katherine- “I’ve had trouble making and keeping friends in high school, does this mean that I’m the worst?” It’s so good to hear that other people feel that way too, I have friends outside school but I just don’t fit in to any group in school and I’ve realised that’s ok. While watching the amazing Emma Stone in Easy A I realised that not everyone needs to belong to a group, it’s ok to just float around. I’d love to see an aritcle about this, I feel like the only group I really belong to is Rookie.

  • Dylan July 15th, 2012 8:57 PM

    WHAT! You are so effing sweet! Thank you.
    I was really hyper, I’m glad I didn’t scare you off. I am intense. We probably both had to brb and die for a second to recover from the madness that was being super high on happiness. <3 Thanks for coming so much!

  • Dylan July 15th, 2012 9:12 PM

    Woops, meant to reply @mayagoo.

  • Jenn July 22nd, 2012 9:38 PM

    Wait, so this Amy girl did all of that crazy shit and then skipped away singing HANNAH MONTANA? If I wasn’t already convinced my grandfather was Satan I’d think it was her.

  • SamB July 25th, 2012 12:04 AM

    Katherine, I love your dad…and his accounting books