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Doing Drugs

I mean, don’t. But if you’re thinking about it, here’s a primer.

Illustration by Hattie

As we all know, most drugs are illegal. And none of you should EVER do them.

However, let’s say you choose to ignore that VERY SOUND ADVICE. What might be good for you to know about keeping on the safe side of some potentially not-so-safe stuff? Well, you need to know, first and foremost, that as a teenager, your brain has not yet fully developed, and won’t have done so until you’re about 21. And so, sorry to tell you, but anything you send your brain’s way before that point WILL affect that development process. Please, please keep that fact at the forefront of your still-growing mind while you continue to read and weigh these facts about drug use.

OK. Here are some universal ground rules I would relay to a person (NOT YOU, OF COURSE) about using drugs as safely as possible, no matter what it is that that person (WHOMEVER THEY MAY BE) might be taking:

  • Don’t buy any mind-altering substance online, ever. This is very dangerous and will also get you arrested or at least grounded. Also, much of the time, it will get you scammed.
  • Never, ever drive on drugs or get in a car with someone whom you suspect even in the slightest may be high. I am saying this because I like you the way you are: alive.
  • Do not ever mix drugs with other drugs of any kind or with alcohol, both of which combinations can be lethal in many cases.
  • Stay well-hydrated and -fed.
  • Have some money and a charged cell phone on hand in case of an emergency.
  • If someone is taking a pill, they need to check what it is with a website like this one beforehand to make sure it is what they think/were told it is.
  • Be with trusted people, not alone or with strangers.

So those are the generalities, but what should you know about each specific drug? On the following pages, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the most popularly used illicit substances, including some real talk about what they look like, how they affect the mind and body, and what the risks of taking them are. Hopefully this list, which is made up of both cold hard scientific facts as well as personal experiences, can shed some light on drug use (and, of course, abuse) and how it might affect the lives of you and/or your friends and loved ones.

All that being said, AMY ROSE’S DRUG HEALTH AND SAFETY CLASS IS NOW IN SESSION, PEOPLE, SO LISTEN UP AND LISTEN GOOD, because there will be a test—it’s called life, and you need to be ready for it, because chances are you’ll encounter drugs at some point, if you haven’t already. Here’s the information you need to be prepared for when that happens.


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  • rosiesayrelax July 31st, 2012 3:04 PM

    I wish they taught it like this in school. Hugs not drugs.

    Escaping Jackie

  • starsinyourheart July 31st, 2012 3:11 PM

    Ooh tip, if you’re on Prozac, stay away from MDMA in any forms. I’m not sure about other AD’s but Prozac definitely, don’t mix them. There’s a weird poisoning you can get from being on them at the same time although I forget the name, like massive levels of serotonin.

    • maddzwx July 31st, 2012 10:24 PM

      I never heard that. Thanks for sharing will definitely not forget that!

    • kendallakwia July 31st, 2012 10:28 PM

      Prozac (and similar pills like Zoloft) are classified as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Basically, MDMA will fuck with the chemicals that your pills are supposed to be stabilizing.

    • Amy Rose August 4th, 2012 11:32 AM

      This is good to know. Thank you!

    • affairofthepoisons September 15th, 2012 1:56 PM

      Actually this is incorrect. Yes, both fuck with your serotonin, but no, there’s not some poisoning thing happening if you take both. What ACTUALLY happens is that if you take Prozac, you will not be able to feel the MDMA or acid because it blocks it from working. You will think you got a bad batch or that you may need more if it’s your first time. Nope, it’s just the Prozac in effect. DO NOT TAKE MORE.

      If you really want to try a hallucinogen you need to be off of an antidepressant for at least a month for it to be out of your system.

      Conversely, if you ever have a bad trip, you can take Prozac and it’ll stop.

      I don’t condone any of this, but this is biopsychology at its finest.

      Source: I have a B.S. in Psychology and am currently in graduate school.

  • golightly July 31st, 2012 3:34 PM

    Thanks for the informative article! Wish I knew all this before.

  • tallulahpond July 31st, 2012 3:35 PM

    Wow. Thanks so much for that, it was useful to have something instead of “OMG DON’T DO DRUGS COS YOU WILL GET PREGNANT AND DIE” (sorry, Mean Girls reference) and have someone actually TELL you what will happen if you did. I mean, I know that heroin is awful and reaaaally addictive but people don’t tell you what’s seriously bad and what isn’t, which is the problem.

  • Maybe July 31st, 2012 3:49 PM

    It’s called serotonin syndrome and apparently can be caused by mixing all kinds of ADs, opioids, psychedelics. Definitely keep that in mind if you’re on any ADs!


  • radiofireworks July 31st, 2012 3:51 PM

    Oh man. I wish so hard that I had had a resource like this when I and my friends started getting into drugs. I did a lot of stupid things (such as taking MDMA whilst on bucketloads of antidepressants) and whilst nothing bad ever happened to me and I actually have a lot of great memories from the time, I look back and want to smack myself because I could so easily have died.

    Plus, while I never got addicted (I have the world’s least addictive personality, I smoked for five years and then gave up with no cravings whatsoever, it’s bizarre) a lot of my friends DID, and long after I stopped bothering with drugs I heard stories of my former friends being almost-kidnapped because they owed dealers money, or having their parents find a stash of ketamine and throwing them out of the house, or whatever. Miserable stuff.

    One more thing – for the love of everything holy, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from balt salts (mephedrone) (we called it meow meow or meph in the UK). We used to take it back when it was still legal here and it is EVIL. It is hideously addictive, has way worse side effects than MDMA and the comedowns afterwards are HELLISH. Like, seriously considering suicide, utterly paranoid, crying, depths-of-depression, awfulness for two, maybe longer days. It is NOT WORTH IT. Because it’s less well known and it was legal in the UK, we all thought it was weaker and less dangerous than other, illegal drugs. It isn’t.

    • Emmy July 31st, 2012 4:30 PM

      Definitely never do bath salts because, although not much research has been done on the negative effects of them, they can cause permanent brain damage and some serious wacked out shit. My aunt is a nurse and the police brought someone into the hospital where she works because they thought this guy was drunk–except he was on bath salts. He tried to strangle my aunt. Bath salts are also what have caused random people in Florida to eat people’s faces off.

      Also, if you want to try a hallucinogen, make sure you have a friend or two who won’t be participating to babysit you and try something like salvia before you go for the acid.

  • odalisque July 31st, 2012 3:52 PM

    Goooooood freaking article.

    And yes, definitely don’t do MDMA when you’re on antidepressants of any kind. For the most part, you won’t experience any effects and you’ll keep taking more to try and feel it until you ultimately overdose. It happened to a very close friend of mine.

    Not to mention the fact that you should NOT be rolling on molly if you’re depressed in the first place, because it’s likely due to a chemical imbalance, and the mdma just perpetuates that. feels bad.

    Out of all my shitty experiences with drugs, I regret abusing prescription painkillers the most. I’m not a bad person, but I made myself a liar and a thief just so I could get my hands on those pills. |: mad regrets.

  • Adrienne July 31st, 2012 3:54 PM

    Thanks for this article. Although I don’t plan on doing drugs ever, it’s good to be informed…. the only thing I knew about drugs was from the movies and watching those extremely corny skits that my high school puts on.


  • rayfashionfreak July 31st, 2012 3:56 PM

    I think this is a really good article, especially as it comes from someone who really has experinced it, you always tend to listen and take notice more. At school I’ve never realy paid attention to any of the things the teachers told us about drugs but when two ex drug addicts came to speak to us last year it really hit me how much it can affect you. Im not saying I will never do drugs as I’ve always been probably a bit too curious, but it made me more aware and cautious. I also recommend watching Trainspotting as from what the ex drug addicts told us, it seems like an accurate representation of heroin addiction (certainly in Scotland anyway as that’s where I come from). Although beware as it contains a couple of the most graphic, horrific things I’ve seen. It is a great movie though with fantastic cinematography and the soundtrack is amazing! One of my favourite movies ever and my favourite movie soundtrack of all time!

    • Abby July 31st, 2012 4:40 PM

      OMG. I haven’t even SEEN Trainspotting, and it deters me from ever doing drugs. My friend just TOLD me about some stuff that happened in it, and I was basically like, “OMFG IF I EVER DO DRUGS I’M GOING TO GO CRAZY AND LEAVE A BABY ALL ALONE AND KILL IT OH MY GOD.” So… yeah.

      • NotReallyChristian July 31st, 2012 5:21 PM

        Aaaah just realised where my nightmares about neglecting-babies-to-death came from … I saw Trainspotting when I was definitely too young for it because my Dad’s Scottish and thought it would be fun. NOT FUN.

  • katiemeg July 31st, 2012 4:02 PM

    “One of the main problems with both molly and ecstasy is that it’s impossible to tell if they’re real until after they’re ingested, which makes them super hazardous right off the bat”

    This is not true, actually. You can get test kits for rolls and molly that are inexpensive. A chemical indicator mixes with a small amount of the drug, and the color it turns tells if it’s bunk or not. If you roll on the reg, it’s definitely a handy investment. Remember to thank a scientist!

  • Catknees July 31st, 2012 4:03 PM

    Excellent article – I wish that Health and Wellness classes in high school could be this pragmatic.

    An important point that I think should be added: do not, I repeat, DO NOT take mushrooms that you have picked yourself, or that somebody you know may have picked themselves. Mushrooms are very tricky things, and the vast majority of them are highly poisonous. There are mushrooms that resemble psilocybin but will, you know, kill you once ingested. I went to college in a very rural area that was heavily dominated by drug culture, and every year there was some freshman who came close to eating some death cap that they found themselves in the forest. Just don’t do it, guys.

    • RXLWK July 31st, 2012 4:22 PM

      This point about mushrooms absolutely depends on your geography. I live in a country where mushrooms grow abundantly and no legislation exists on harvesting, consuming or selling them. It’s also one of the countries with the lowest global carbon footprints and vast expanses of untouched land that make wild flora extremely clean. In this case, it is actually MUCH safer to pick and harvest them yourself than to buy them because the only people who sell are people into some seriously bad stuff. If you’re doing earth-grown drugs, it’s always best to research the natural territory and weigh the pros-and-cons of self-supplying or purchasing.

      • christinachristina July 31st, 2012 4:56 PM

        I don’t care where you live; it’s always a good idea, if you’re interested in picking mushrooms to trip on or to stir fry or just to look at, bring along a reputable guidebook and be SURE what you’ve found is the same as the one you’re reading about in the book. A lot of different types of mushrooms tend to look the same – sometimes there are no obvious physical differences unless you look really close, and the only difference is, you know, poison. So please, be careful with this.

        Also, mycology is just a straight up fun hobby!

        • christinachristina July 31st, 2012 4:57 PM

          A reputable *local* guidebook!

  • voxceleste July 31st, 2012 4:07 PM

    i think it’s really rad that rookie dosen’t shy away from posting useful and potentially harm reducing information like this. So much drug education assumes that teenagers will only get into drugs via peer pressure, and dosen’t consider that many people make independent decisions to use substances as ways to expand one’s own consciousness. As an occasional fan of psychedelics, i would like to add, that the first time that you trip on any new substance, you should also check out the highly detailed faq sections of erowid.org which have fantastic information.

    • tankgrrrl August 2nd, 2012 4:32 PM

      Yes! Erowid is really wonderful (also the trip reports make for great reading if you’re bored).

    • Johann7 August 7th, 2012 4:16 PM

      I second the Erowid recommendation. It is an excellent resource. As a general rule, I’d suggest not ingesting anything you don’t know a lot about, especially how it might interact with any prescription or OTC drugs you’re taking.

  • GlitterVomit July 31st, 2012 4:08 PM

    There’s a tip that a friend told me for bad trips; if you’re having one don’t freak out instead just tell yourself “I took this to feel this way.”, and try to enjoy the ride. It’s helped me and I hope it’ll help you! Be safe. :)

    • starpower July 31st, 2012 5:15 PM

      definitely a good tip!

    • johnny boi July 31st, 2012 5:32 PM

      This is a great tip! I find that it can also be helpful to write a simple reminder like that on the back of your hand, “it’s just the drugs,” “it will be ok,” “keep your head,” etc. – sometimes it’s hard to calm yourself down in the moment and a visual reminder can help. xox

  • RXLWK July 31st, 2012 4:16 PM

    Having done a bunch of drugs as a teen, and having been relatively well-informed about them then, I still would have LOVED this kind of straight talk about them from a cool non-judgey adult. Being educated and knowledgeable about substances won’t necessarily stop someone from doing them irresponsibly but it will make it a lot easier for them to know when they have misused and how to stop misusing and get better. It also gives people real tools to have confidence and assert themselves when faced with external judgment and pressure.

  • lxmldrt July 31st, 2012 4:21 PM


    • radiofireworks July 31st, 2012 5:15 PM

      Mine doesn’t either! Unless I have it while I’m drinking, and then the only effect I get is that I get massively sick, ahaha. Personally I see it as a good thing – I tried it a few times, went “ehhh, well this is no fun” and got bored of it.

      • wudder July 31st, 2012 6:03 PM

        It took me like 7 times before I actually got high, and my best friend used to cough terribly every time and it was awful and scary, but it works for her now. Sometimes it just takes awhile. Not sure why this is.

    • johnny boi July 31st, 2012 5:29 PM

      It might be that you’re not smoking it correctly (a lot of people have this problem at first), but some people also just aren’t affected by it! If you really feel the need to experiment with weed, find someone trustworthy who will walk you through it. (:

    • Johann7 August 7th, 2012 4:29 PM

      Some people do not respond AT ALL to THC; I know one person for whom this is the case. It’s (likely) genetic, having to do with a particular expression of the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptors (Google it to learn more!) or another part of the signaling pathway. There’s basically nothing you can do about it, though anecdotal evidence suggests that some people also have an acclamation period to cannabis, where they do not feel (or do not notice) its effects the first few time they use it, so that could also be the case.

    • wagnerian September 12th, 2012 1:22 AM

      I’ve never met anyone who got high the first time they tried it. It might just take time (this sounds like urban legend, but it’s the case with a lot of drugs – even my prescription anti-depressants took two weeks to kick in, and my psychiatrist told me to expect that). “Third time’s the charm” seems to be the rule and that’s how it was for me.

  • johnny boi July 31st, 2012 4:27 PM

    I really want to thank you guys so much for publishing this, and Amy Rose for writing it. I wish that I had a website like this to come to years back when I was younger and experimenting with these things. I don’t know if it would have stopped me, but I would have been more educated and maybe I would have avoided some things which I now look back on with shame and regret.

    I do wish that you had covered crack more but I think that is just because that is my biggest regret and the thing I went into knowing the least about. But thank you, thank you, thank you for existing, Rookie. I have faith that your support and open-mindedness will help so many people to make more educated choices than I did.

  • Abby July 31st, 2012 4:37 PM

    Although I’ve never done drugs, and hope I’ll never feel the need to, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Rookie is so open about this. Telling kids NOT TO EVER DO DRUGS EVER and then not telling them what drugs do or how you can do them safely is about as effective as abstinence-only sex-ed. And by that I mean NOT EFFECTIVE AT ALL. I’m so glad that all of us readers have such a great resource to help us through being teenagers, in all ways possible. Thank you, Amy Rose, and Thank you, Rookie!!

  • matildaa July 31st, 2012 5:02 PM

    This is a rad guide rookie, but- Pills are NEVER cut with acid, that’s just incorrect. I’m pretty sure it is not possible to get acid in a form that it would even last inside a pill. People like to claim that they’re cut with crazy stuff like heroin all the time, but as far as I know and have seen, this is not true- heroin is more expensive than MDMA, apart from anything, so it’s not cost effective. Same for hallucinogens.

    They can however be cut with amphetamines (adderall) which is fine and has similar effects, or meth, or fake pills, i.e. entirely meth. That is one to watch out for. Meth obviously is nasty and pretty bad for you but I’ve heard meth pills can be found in the US. If you stay awake 12 hours plus from a dose- it’s prolly meth. If it happens, don’t panic, you won’t suddenly have a crushing addiction, and it’s not gonna kill you, but safe to say, learn a lesson from it and be more careful next time.
    There are also binders in pills which are benign and don’t do anything, just there to hold it together.

    Water use on MDMA is important- don’t drink crazy amounts of water because MDMA stops you peeing- people don’t die from MDMA use, they die from drinking A LOT of water (multiple litres within half an hour or an hour) thinking they need to compensate too much for sweating in a hot club etc, and basically drowning because their bodies couldn’t get rid of it. Little sips.

    basically- whatever you are planning to take- research on erowid.org first and decide if it’s worth the risk. I certainly wasn’t ready to take anything pre-18, and i’m glad i waited :)

    • Anaheed July 31st, 2012 5:22 PM

      Thanks for the info — I just went in and fixed that.

    • Yani September 15th, 2012 9:08 AM

      yes, this is really important.

      drinking water while taking hallucinogens is extremely, extremely dangerous. if you take them, you will want to drink – A LOT. the body tricks you into thinking you’re thirsty, and your cells can actually drown. I almost did.

      scary. be informed. thanks amy rose/rookie. this is important to know if you ever go down the road of ‘drugs’. and good to not rely entirely on someone who may be someone who you think cares about you but takes advantage of your body/mind.

      always, always surround yourself with people who are willing and agree to have your back the entire time, and who you trust enough with your body/mind/safety.

  • starpower July 31st, 2012 5:16 PM

    great article…

    also, if you’re on MDMA and start to feel like you’ve taken too much –

    eat a chocolate bar. I know you don’t feel like it, and you may puke, but it helps.

  • Mayabett July 31st, 2012 5:36 PM

    When I have children in the very distant future, I am showing them this.

    I hate places that tell you to not do drugs. Because people do anyway, and then they don’t know anything about what they’re doing except that they were told to not do it. Lots of awful stuff happens that could have been prevented with an article like this.

  • sophie. July 31st, 2012 5:43 PM

    good article…reasonable way of discussing the topic
    still, a few things i consider being very important are not being said: heavy and/or regular use of pot may lead to psychosis and probably will lead to psychological addiction that is hard to overcome and very often linked with depression and other mental health problems. pot’s only “no big deal” if taken really occasionally. acid and mushrooms and everything else that’s psychedelic are more dangerous. if there’s a history of mental illness in your family be extra careful and maybe think thrice before you decide whether to try these drugs or not. they can trigger severe mental problems and illnesses (like schizophrenia) that would not go away after the trip is over. also benzos are highly addictive and taken regularly on long term they’ll make you numb and dumb. … for sleeping problems there are other drugs available, like light antidepressants that make you sleepy but not addicted. as said by others, if you are on ads or antipsychotic drugs or whatsoever it might be better to try not to try drugs at all….if you still can’t resist be sure to have people around you who will recognize an emergency and get you help.
    i just wanted to add that because sometimes i wish i would have known these things when i was younger and messing aoround with all kinds of druggy stuff. also, none of those scary things definitely will happen to you because you are trying out a few things. and even if you decide to live straight edge all your life that won’t definitely safe you from them. i think some things are just good to know. take care

    • johnny boi July 31st, 2012 10:01 PM

      I’m really glad someone said this, I can’t believe I didn’t think to mention it in my comment. I am mentally ill and doing drugs has at times triggered severe episodes for me. So like Sophie said, if you have mental health issues of a family history of them, it is probably best for you to stay far far away from recreational drug use.

  • Ribba July 31st, 2012 5:45 PM

    One important thing about LSD and shrooms that you forgot to mention: do it in a comfortable environment (at home, by a quiet lake, or in place you feel safe) and do it with people you are 100% comfortable with. This will make your trip so much better. It is not up to chance whether you get a good or a bad trip, if you are prepared you will (mostly) avoid a bad experience.

    To me, having knowledge about drugs and what they might do to you is the key to making an informed choice. The DON’T DO DRUGS bullshit they teach you in school is one of the reasons people are making bad choices when it comes to drugs, they just don’t know any better, much like teens in abstinence-only schools. I am glad Rookie is doing such an honest article on this.

    For the those who are curious, and cautious, there are many good sources of information, such as erowid: http://www.erowid.org/

  • Blythe July 31st, 2012 5:55 PM

    I’m getting this weird “I wish this article could apply to me” sort of feeling, because I have a neurological/cardiovascular syndrome that means I can NEVER EVER take any kind of drugs (even coffee makes me sick, although I use it in emergencies).

  • wudder July 31st, 2012 6:00 PM

    I just want to attest to the statement that smoking too much pot will make it awful and depressing for you – I’m 16 and last month I smoked almost every day and I’ve actually had to stop because it made me so miserable. Hopefully taking a break from it will fix this because I really do enjoy smoking weed and I’d like to be able to do it again (MUCH less often) but seriously, be careful! Pot is such a great thing if it isn’t used way too often.

  • saramarit July 31st, 2012 6:00 PM

    I think what really put me off drug taking in general is the lack of quality control! There’s no real way of knowing what you are taking (could be cocaine, could be rat poison) or it’s strength. And there’s no way of knowing how it will affect you personally since everyone reacts differently. Exciting for some people but utterly terrifying to me.

  • matildaa July 31st, 2012 6:50 PM

    Another interesting fact- lots of the drugs we know as illegal, purely recreational and/or dangerous ones, can have medicinal purposes. It is possible to be prescribed cocaine or methamphetamine (the latter for serious ADHD, look it up, I didn’t believe it either!). Adderall, a brand name of amphetamine, is pretty popular in the UK as a street drug often called speed, and being prescribed it there is pretty unheard of. Ketamine, a disassociative has a massive stigma because it’s commonly known as a horse tranquilliser, but is actually also sometimes used as an anaesthetic on children. There is research into using MDMA to help soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, and in the past there was also research using acid to aid therapy. So nothing is as clear cut as the authorities would have you believe, everything can help you or harm you, it’s all about research and moderation (but steer clear of meth all the same)

    Another thing to consider is moral concerns about your drug source. MDMA or acid was probably cooked up reasonably safely by a dealer somewhere in your country, shrooms were cooked up by mother nature herself, but the cocaine industry is worth millions and run by cartels in South America and thousands of people die as a result of these horrible gangs. It is also the worst-cut of all drugs, purity is often 20% or less. That, combined with the fact that it can make you a lairy douche is enough reason to steer clear imo.


  • nealnatalie July 31st, 2012 7:08 PM

    Your prefrontal cortex is actually not fully developed until age 21, not age 18 as stated in this article

  • faithdarwin July 31st, 2012 7:12 PM

    I feel like the primary problem with the anti-drug propaganda taught in school is that it doesn’t address the real problems. No one starts using heroin or meth just because they think it would be cool to experiment; people form addictions because they have underlying issues such as depression, because they are trying to escape from some kind of pain. When I was in high school, I completely bought into the anti-drug propaganda and was totally terrified of the idea of every doing any kind of narcotic. Now I think the whole pot as a gateway drug thing is hilarious. Like, someone smokes weed once, which for me basically has the effect of making me slightly tired and relaxed, and then goes “This is awesome! NOW HEROIN!”

    I actually think it can be super beneficial to experiment in moderation with drugs like marijuana and mushrooms in safe environments with people you trust, if you are equipped with accurate information. That said, I’m glad I waited until I was in college to start experimenting. I had so many other horrible emotional things happening was in high school that I know it would’ve been difficult to understand my limits, and I think this is true for most people. Wait until you are in a stable emotional state so that you can be honest with yourself about the effects that these substances are having on you, and seek professional help for problems like depression because self-medicating will ultimately make the problem worse.

  • Moxx July 31st, 2012 7:24 PM

    This was way useful and explained things without demonizing things, thank you!!!

  • airplanes.books July 31st, 2012 8:21 PM


  • drs248 July 31st, 2012 8:50 PM

    Like the alcohol primer a while back, this article was extremely informative and well written. I was never into drugs when I was in high school and even now can count on two hands the number of times I’ve done drugs TOTAL. I was always (and, frankly, remain) the designated care taker. Not only was I just not really that interested in drugs or alcohol, I never minded being around high or drunk people and it made me feel better knowing that even though what my friends were doing was dangerous, there was at least one person around to look out for them. People always act like being the care taker is a burden, but it never was for me. The number one thing to remember is that there are people who love you or will love you if you’re around to love. As Amy said multiple times – stay alive.

  • bethleeroth July 31st, 2012 10:05 PM

    Bravo! As a 28-year-old who has experienced some of the things Amy Rose talks about here, I’ll tell you she. is. right. One thing I feel compelled to especially highlight is proceeding with caution with psychedelics! I waited until I was 22 to try mushrooms (for the first and last time) and the experience truly changed me. Ultimately, it’s turned out okay, but my trip was not good (to say the least) and afterwards, I went through a period of about a year where I was suffering frequent panic attacks and a general, terrifying sense of fear and insecurity about life, etc. This led me to really work some important issues out for myself, and things are great now, but it was a very rough road, and it was directly attributable to whatever happened in my brain when using mushrooms. Amy Rose’s advice to wait until you’re at least (!!!!) 18 is something I can’t endorse strongly enough – and honestly, I’d implore you to wait a good bit longer. The better you know yourself, and the better handle you have on your life/sense of self/general attitude/beliefs/etc, the better chance you have of having a pleasant (i.e. not traumatizing) hallucinogen experience. Psychedelics are not to be taken (ha!) lightly. And you definitely don’t want to mess with that perfect, smart, revolutionary, lovely brain of yours while it’s still developing. You all have too much to offer the world. I’ve read your comments, and you’re all geniuses, and I can’t wait to see what you all have to offer our society one day. We need you! Don’t be a burnout! <3

  • Skatapus July 31st, 2012 10:11 PM

    Skipping school, drug use…scandalous month Rookie. ;D In all seriousness though, it is great that you’re addressing these things. Very few media outlets would ever be so honest and informative.

  • smashedtiara July 31st, 2012 10:12 PM

    Great advice! I love how you face the fact that people will do drugs no matter what you say rather than just leaving it at “don’t do drugs.” Learned a lot of new things from this article. And I must ask, to all of the Rookie staff members, have you been considering making a print version of Rookie in the future?

  • smashedtiara July 31st, 2012 10:32 PM

    Glad to hear it!

  • kendallakwia July 31st, 2012 10:34 PM

    Great article. I live in a town with an educated drug culture (we have so many smart stoners it’s ridiculous,) so I know that it’s important to know that you can do drugs and have fun without ruining your life! Be smart, know your limits, don’t rush yourself.

  • maddzwx July 31st, 2012 10:50 PM

    First of all, I want to say THANK YOU for this amazing, fantastic article that was very informative and so MUCH better than the “drug ed” I remember doing a couple years ago in junior high. It was also helpful that you did not shy away from writing about your personal experiences and being honest, but I really, really wish you had written something about synthetic marijuana. The reason is that shit is CRAZY and can also be really dangerous because you can never be sure what you’re doing, and yet I NEVER see anyone writing/talking about it in an honest manner. It’s usually called K2 but I’ve heard people call it “spice” as well. There are a lot of rumours of some of it containing nail polish remover and just google “synthetic marijuana death” and see just how many results you get. I only did it once but I would NEVER do it again. I’ve also never tried acid/LSD but it was a lot more similar to what I’ve heard people describing a bad acid trip like than regular pot. Please just remember that most likely it will feel nothing like pot, and if you’re looking for that sort of high, weed is so much safer.

    • Johann7 August 7th, 2012 4:40 PM

      There are a number of different synthetic cannabinoids that have been developed (a couple of them are THC analogues that are sold as the prescription drugs Marinol/dronabinol and Cesamet/nabilone). “Spice”/”K2″ may or may not conain any of these – it’s not exactly a well-defined, labeled, regulated product. Wiki has some good info:

  • fairy_grrrl July 31st, 2012 11:27 PM

    I feel like even though Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” was a while ago, adults still love embracing that message. As many have mentioned above, it’s like how abstinence only education in sex ed doesn’t work either. It’s great to have resources that give objective and factual information to help people if they do make these decisions. Awesome article!

  • wissycosh July 31st, 2012 11:44 PM

    Great read! Also, the brain is not fully developed until you are 24.

    • Johann7 August 7th, 2012 4:50 PM

      Technically, the brain continues to develop and change over the entire course of someone’s life. “Fully developed” is a bit of a misnomer – what’s actually being described is a particular threshold for common (though not quite universal) changes to the brain structure that typically occur within certain age ranges, after which a brain is considered ‘adult’. Psychotropic (literally “mind pointing”, something that affects how the brain functions) drugs can alter brain development at any age, although lasting changes are more likely to occur if the brain is exposed at periods where it’s undergoing rapid change due to other influences, as it does throughout adolescence.

  • claire-alice August 1st, 2012 12:22 AM

    As someone mentioned a few comments above this, it is really important that people talk more openly about synthetic marijuana which can be purchased legally in quite a few countries. This stuff is extremely bad news and is absolutely nothing like pot.
    If anything it has more ‘trippy’ tendencies and that trip will most likely be a bad one. You can experience a painfully racing heartbeat, losing all sense of reality and thinking that you are entering a never ending psychosis. Most terrifying thing you can imagine and real marijuana is much, much safer.

    Users of synthetic marijuana may be regular smokers and not have any adverse effects, although at anytime you could have a ‘bad’ trip and reaction. It is due to the fact that they are not regluating the chemicals that they are spraying the plant matter with, and it can also result in “hot spots” which have been over sprayed and therefore much too strong.

    As with any drug, read all the information you can before trying it so that you know what to expect, and so that you can make a safe and informed decision!

  • emilulu August 1st, 2012 12:48 AM

    First off I LOVE this article. It’s so important to be safe and I know that the information here will be way more helpful than any school program.
    I just wanted to point out that it’s sooo important to consider your own body when using drugs, if you choose to do so (which it’s totally cool if you don’t). I’m a relatively small person and when I don’t take this into account, I have terrible experiences. Just because your friend can ingest a certain amount does NOT mean you can. Using more than you need to can be scary, uncomfortable, and/or potentially fatal.
    Each person’s body is so different! Whenever using drugs, please please please just keep “checking up” on yourself and stop when you feel you’ve had enough.

  • pendulous-threads August 1st, 2012 2:39 AM

    Being a 17-year-old girl going into college, this is very informative and I really appreciate you covering all the bases.

    But I do wish you discussed weed and hallucinogens in a different light– even though you mentioned that not everyone will get paranoid/anxious, the way you described it made it seem like that was all that happens. There’s more to it and I think it was discussed in a clouded way for the most part; which can really frighten someone into having a bad trip if they do try it.

  • Lea August 1st, 2012 2:47 AM

    This article is really great. Drugs are definitely not going to do you any good, but I think that anti drug/alcohol/cigarette campaigns are very alienating and rarely helpful. It’s excellent that you give us clever, basic advice, in contrast with campaigns that lecture teens by calling drugs “bad, never use them ever”. It shrouds the actual dangers of drugs and then people who try them can totally fuck up because they just didn’t KNOW how to handle stuff.
    So thanks for this very helpful, sensible, informed, funny (yeah I laughed in front of my screen quite a few times), written-from-the-bottom-of-your-heart article, Amy Rose. I wish someone like you had come to my high school to teach us about drugs. :)

    • tankgrrrl August 2nd, 2012 4:57 PM

      Drugs can sometimes actually do quite a bit of good! Look up the medical uses of marijuana or MDMA therapy for people with PTSD :)

  • streaked lights August 1st, 2012 3:37 AM

    As a person who was taught NONE of this in high school and had to learn ‘the basics’ on my own (most of which is entirely wrong), I really wish school’s actually taught this kind of stuff.
    They went with the logic that, yeah if we don’t tell the kids about drugs, they’ll never find out about them and never use them.

    When they SHOULD be teaching us this stuff so later, people would know this info if they ever were to take drugs. But NO, so now we have a bunch of students who hear from their friends that taking drugs (UNDERAGE) are awesome even though we don’t know what they do. UGH.


  • Lillypod August 1st, 2012 4:50 AM

    I know you all think you’re smarter than the average person…but seriously: the only “tip” when it comes to drugs is:

  • Helenus August 1st, 2012 4:52 AM

    The point of DON’T BUY DRUGS FROM PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW AND/OR SKETCHY PEOPLE can’t be stressed enough. One of the worst trips I’ve had thus far in my life was a direct result of buying (what I thought was) MDMA from a random kid at my school. What was supposed to be a fun night of partying at the beach turned into a long sweaty nightmare locked in a room by myself, hallucinating and feeling like absolute shit. To this day I’m not sure what was in those capsules, most likely a combination of many nasty drugs and chemicals. Ugh. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

    That being said, most drugs can be a great thing if you’re safe, careful about moderation and quality, and take them in the right environment/with the right people. I’d also highly recommend bringing an iPod and a quality pair of headphones.

  • Lucille August 1st, 2012 4:55 AM

    Sometimes I get into temptation to try it, but no, I won’t.I guess.
    nice article, informative and so true!


  • juliette August 1st, 2012 5:06 AM


  • surety August 1st, 2012 5:57 AM

    Nice guide, I’ve always thought that the major problem with the way drugs are taught about in schools is that it’s ‘don’t take anything ever because you’ll die’ which isn’t true and doesn’t help.

    Another important thing for MDMA (and anything else you ingest really): DON’T TAKE IT IF YOU HAVE A STOMACH ULCER. This seems kind of obvious in retrospect – you shouldn’t even take paracetamol or ibuprofen with a stomach ulcer – but it’s just not something you’d think of. You can die if you take MD with a stomach ulcer. It’s the only way I’ve ever heard of anyone being harmed in the slightest by MD aside from a bad comedown.

  • eliselbv August 1st, 2012 8:13 AM

    Tried once, worst time of my life, I will never EVER do it again!


  • antigone August 1st, 2012 8:31 AM

    I’m Korean and teenagers don’t really do drugs here. It’s hard to get access to–the worst we can possibly do is sniff glue. And most people are hypersensitive to the issue as well. Topics like legalizing marijuana is a definite no-no here. Lots and lots of misinformation, prejudice, and ignorance. Thanks a bunch for this. It helped me a lot.

  • aliastro August 1st, 2012 9:01 AM

    Two things that will help you if you do any of this:
    1) a friend that has done a lot of drugs
    –I had a friend like this in high school that would try the pot we bought first and say if it was ok or not (i.e not laced)

    2) a totally sober friend
    –You need to have this friend to babysit anyone who’s freaking out, be rational, and able to drive somewhere should anything go wrong

    Alcohol and pot is the way to go friends (but not together). NO white powders, seriously. Just avoid that crap.

    CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH what this article said about taking very little of things and WAITING. You can always take more, but you can’t take away if you’re too high.

  • mloxe4210 August 1st, 2012 10:27 AM

    I love the article, but I do disagree with some of the stuff you said about pot. While most of it is true, there can definitely be some exceptions. My friends and I smoke a lot, but we do other things together as well, we still have hobbies and other interests, and get our work done. For me, the idea of weed helps motivate me to finish my school work, practice my violin, and get anything else done that I have to, so I’ll have time at the end of the night to smoke up. Sometimes it can help me think about a topic I have to write about, or some songs I’m working on, and I don’t think it’s such a negative influence in my life. Smoking a bit more for the giggles instead of just a buzz isn’t so bad either. For me, I know I’m in control because I’m fine without it, my friendships don’t center around it (while most of my friends smoke, definitely not all of them do, and we still care about more than drugs and alcohol!) and I’m never paranoid or anything.

  • princesskitty August 1st, 2012 11:32 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing this! The only person I knew in high school died from “drowning” while on mdma. I’m really glad that this was shared so people are safe when they’re experimenting with drugs.

  • heyyyitscayyy August 1st, 2012 1:27 PM

    WOW! REALLY amazing guide. People (especially teens) are prone to drug use, it’s experimental and completely normal. Thank you so much for this!

  • hkma August 1st, 2012 1:44 PM

    To anyone who wants to try Klonopin, or other pills of that nature, know that the description was pretty accurate, especially the drinking part. The first time I took Klonopin, I took triple to regular dose, which proceeded to knock out all my judgement skills, ie. once I felt it I decided to shotgun multiple hydros, smoke (too much!) weed, and then I had multiple shots of vodka and whiskey. Although I have some fond memories from that night I don’t have very many, nor do I remember going home or any conversations. In addition, benzos last a very long time, I was still rolling when I woke up the next morning, and I had an appointment with my therapist, who gave me a very stern lecturing when she realized I was on drugs. Be extremely careful with these, I kept looking for more klonopin, and I didn’t stop until a “friend” tried to rape me while I was on pills (that they gave me). Remember, someone may seem to be your friend, but be careful, because if they’re giving you pills they may have ulterior motives behind seemingly benevolent, friend-like sharing.

  • mymlen August 1st, 2012 2:03 PM

    Rookie is giving me so many reasons to love Rookie!
    My friends are good people. I usually hang out with a bunche of shy, good girls, that gets good grades, and stay healthy, and are very girly. I’m also like that, but since last summer I’ve done drugs occasionally with some other firends, who are more “bad guys”. I just get this need to do it. I do this secretly, and I’ve always been ashamed and even scared that I’m accually fucking up my brain and so on. This article is informative, and my sholders felt hundred kilos lighter. THANK YOU!!

    ps. Sorry for my bad english!

  • Kindofajerk August 1st, 2012 3:32 PM

    Snooze. Way to take the scary fun out of drugs and the angst-driven recklessness of youth. That said, this is all sound advice that is terrific and I’m glad that it’s available to those who seek out such info.

  • Hunter August 1st, 2012 4:12 PM

    I CAN’T WAIT TO DO MORE DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luxxx August 1st, 2012 5:55 PM

    I second (third?) what was said above on synthetic marijuana.. DO NOT MESS WITH IT, stick to regular weed. My friend told me it was ‘safe’ because it doesn’t show up on drug tests but it most definitely is not. I’ve tried a few different kinds and at the worst I tripped out, my head became really hot, and I was having trouble breathing (SCARY). I will never do it again. Even just the thought of it gives me anxiety still since little is known about what it is made up of.

    My advice is to stay away from serenity/spice no matter what people tell you about it being legal – it’s only legal because they haven’t known about it until recently. It’s not worth the risks.

  • sneakybacon August 1st, 2012 6:57 PM

    no one heard of talk to FRANK? it might be just a british thing, but its seriously SERIOUSLY good, check it out for everything drug related http://www.talktofrank.com/

  • lelelikeukulele August 2nd, 2012 3:20 AM

    I loved this article. I’ve never done any kind of drugs (except for the super awesome oxycodone I got when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, heh) and it was interesting to read about the effects of different things without it being textbook-y. Especially interesting to learn why my Adderall-loving friend likes to pull all-nighters with me and talks and talks and talks while we’re studying.

    One thing I wished this had included: How exactly the mechanics of some of these things work. For example, I’ve never smoked weed (or hookah), but being in college, 90% of my friends have. I might like to try it sometime, and I don’t want to look like an idiot because I don’t know how to properly use a bong, roll a joint, or even smoke. So maybe some commenters can help me out? I promise I’ll be very safe!

    • ashtheley August 2nd, 2012 5:30 PM

      If your friends are going to think you are an idiot for not knowing how to use a bong or roll a joint then they’re probably not a good group to smoke with anyhow!

      That said, I don’t think your friends will think you are an idiot. And if you are really that concerned, have some of them smoke first and watch really carefully how they do it, hahaha.

      I used to smoke occaisionally in high school (I guess the novelty wore off in college) but I still don’t know how to roll a joint, so that’s okay!

  • Jessica W August 2nd, 2012 4:21 AM

    A lot of people I know do drugs.
    I don’t like what it does to people…
    The constant thirst to try something out.
    Alienating for those of us who just want to -ya know- stay in control.

    Holla at the girls who are staying clean. Mad respec’ 4 u <3 x

    The Lovelorn

  • cancercowboy August 2nd, 2012 9:30 AM

    hell, i wish something like this was around when i was a teen. i actually had to buy a medical book to sate my curiosity. don’t have much to add to this really good article besides to corroborate what other commenters have said: a tripsitter who has experienced the drug before is a good idea, and the environment is an important factor with psychedelics.

    someone summed up some basics in a song


  • dontdoitman August 2nd, 2012 10:51 AM

    Don’t do opiates. Period. Not even with sterile needles, just no, not at all.

    Also, the human brain isn’t fully developed until the mid-twenties.

    That being said, the average developing prefrontal cortex of a teen makes a lot of impulsive and uninformed decisions.

    I definitely think drug education in our schools needs to be more comprehensive, similar to the way that sex education has moved away from abstinence-only education.

    Part of the reason I believe this is because substance dependence is a very real mental health problem in the adolescent age group. It’s a really painful thing to experience, to witness, and to be helpless against. The negative stereotypes our institutions place upon teens who “do drugs” are harmful to the teens who also suffer from addiction. It’s a real injustice that instead of promoting safe, minimal, and moderate use (or no use at all) of low-risk substances, and information and support for those struggling with habitual, harmful, and excessive use of both “harmless” substances (all substances have the potential to be harmful) and high-risk substances like opiates, inhalants, meth, research chemicals and such, we offer nothing but a slap on the wrist to the young members of our community.

    I think this article represents something very important, which is recognition that our drug education and legislation needs reform. Still, though, since drug use is something that does present serious risk and involves the complexity that is the human mind and body, I think that it is a topic best explained by experts in the subject.

    Still, good job

  • Sofierat August 2nd, 2012 1:15 PM


    Ketamine DESERVES its massive stigma. So much recent research has shown how really bad ketamine is for your renal system.We all did ket for years quoting exactly the same thing as you just did ‘it’s safe, they use it on babies’. I’ve had a friend who had to have her entire bladder surgically removed, so she’ll have to pee through a tube for the rest of her life at only 25 years old because ketamine destroyed her.

    • matildaa August 5th, 2012 8:24 PM

      For sure, but you have to take a reasonable amount pretty consistently to do that kind of damage.. I’ve heard the horror stories about friends of friends too. It’s when you don’t stop after the tolerance arrives, and/or get the psychological addiction that the problems arrive, no different to the risk you take if you take a lot of any drug often really. I am sorry though, that sounds miserable and is a lesson in moderation. K is not to be taken lightly.

  • tankgrrrl August 2nd, 2012 4:48 PM

    Some tips from experience:
    If you’re taking acid, shrooms, or one of the alphabet soup psychedelics (2Cs and stuff) for the first time, HAVE A TRIP SITTER. This person needs to be someone you trust really, really well, and preferably someone who has done the drug you’re taking.
    DON’T EVER COMBINE ACID WITH ALCOHOL. Seriously. I speak from awful, awful experience.
    If you’re taking molly, have some 5-htp on hand. It’s a supplement you can buy at pretty much any grocery or natural foods store, and it will help. Take some- one or two capsules- before you roll (taking molly is called rolling), and the morning after, take another capsule if you feel down, achey, or otherwise out of sorts. It will help your brain resume producing serotonin at its normal rate (for more information on what molly actually does to your brain, look it up on erowid.org). Also have some gum on hand, this will help with the teeth-grinding.
    DON’T EVER FUCKING DO HEROIN. There are many reasons for my saying this, but the biggest is tolerance. Heroin tolerance buildup can be really unpredictable, even in hardcore addicts. This means that what was a pleasant dose last night could be an overdose tonight. That is how people die.
    Don’t ever do anything without looking it up on erowid or a similar drug info website.
    If you’re in college, see if your school has a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Often they will have things like MDMA testing kits and good information that can help you make decisions about drug use.

  • ashtheley August 2nd, 2012 5:24 PM

    I feel like one of THE MOST IMPORTANT things to do if you are going to experiment with opiates, benzos, or cocaine (or really, anything) is to keep track of what you are taking and how much of it you are taking.

    Cocaine comes in varying amounts of strength since sometimes it is cut with all kinds of weird chemicals (like BABY LAXATIVES, EW), so ALWAYS start with a LITTLE TINY BIT and wait an hour to see if you feel anything. Then you can see if you want to take more or not. Always check your pulse to make sure you are not overdoing it. When I used coke I would clean my nostrils afterwards by snorting a couple of drops of water but I don’t know if that was a safe practice or not.

    As for opiates, it’s always good to look up the bioavailability of chemicals (i.e. how much of it your body can absorb if you swallow it vs. snort it) and remember that 10mg of hydro is NOT the same as 10mg of oxy. LOOK STUFF UP ON THE INTERNET BEFORE YOU TAKE IT. Also, don’t crush painkillers up and snort them, prescription pills contain binders and fillers that I don’t think would be great your nose.

    Thanks so much for the article Rookie!! I was lucky that I experimented with people who were smart enough to keep track of what they were taking and were knowledgeable about the side effects and the chemistry of the chemicals we were ingesting. Not everyone is going to be that lucky, so I’m glad this resource is here (:

    • ashtheley August 2nd, 2012 5:42 PM

      I forgot to add something!! (sorry moderators)

      If you feel like you TOTALLY NEED TO you can end a psychedelic trip by taking some xanax or another benzo (but I am not knowledgeable about other benzos so I’m not going to talk about them). That’s what they give to people who are on a psychedelic and need go to the hospital. Usually xanax comes in 2mg “ladders” that are scored into fourths, so I recommend taking one of those fourths (.5mg) But this should be reserved for the LAST RESORT.

  • Harley August 2nd, 2012 8:39 PM

    I don’t plan to ever take drugs, but this is still useful information. Thank you.
    I took Vicodin once (I had a prescription to offset the pain of wisdom teeth removal) and I felt awful. I only took half of the dose that I was supposed to take because I know that my body reacts negatively to painkillers. I was immediately nauseous. When I got up to go to the toilet so I could puke, I got dizzy and starting falling down. I was lucky, I was next to a couch so I caught myself on it and only fell onto my knees instead of flat on my face. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had taken the full dose.

  • mwellz August 3rd, 2012 8:44 PM

    Hey hey as for mushrooms, here are some tips that really helped me. The article didn’t seem to express them and many of my friends have struggled with this too, so here goes:

    -You’re going to feel like you have to pee all the time. You have a choice, you can either go pee (what I do) or talk yourself out of it. But don’t be surprised if you feel this way. Pretty standard.

    -Eat something after you take mushrooms or during the trip. It helps with the inevitable stomach ache. I’ve found eating a piece of fruit or two, like an apple or something bland like a bagel helps to keep the stomach settled. Some people do get fairly bad stomach cramps though.

    -If you can, have the mushrooms in chocolates. This also helps the stomach and you can easily control how much you take. For example, if you get a fun-size candy bar amount, for a 130lb female I’d recommend only half.

    Trip safely everyone! And I really liked how the writer said it should be a “once in a while” thing. They’re fun for camping, but not the best way to spend a typical Friday night. :)

  • quedateluna August 4th, 2012 1:14 AM

    I am always afraid that my parents are going to find out I did drugs or drink alcohol, so I just don’t do any, but I always feel that everyone is having way more fun than me :(

    • matildaa August 5th, 2012 8:27 PM

      hey, if you still have to hide it from your parents it’s prolly too soon to be dabbling anyway, there’s no rush, hang on til your twenties girl! :) (apologies if i have mis-guessed your age)

  • peniscapades August 5th, 2012 1:58 AM

    I actually anticipated reading this article and feeling very disappointed by a bunch of misinformation/missing details. I was pleasantly surprised. I think it should be clarified that anyone taking MAOIs should avoid all drugs as it is uncertain what effects they may have on the person (even weed). And as a rule of thumb, people suffering from mental health issues like severe depression or Bipolar Disorder definitely should not experiment with drugs (marijuana maybe being an exception but has been seen to cause psychosis in those who suffer from these conditions in rare cases). The MOST IMPORTANT THING I would like to add is that if you can, buy an online testing kit before you take your acid/mdma/other research chem. These days it is more common to come across a scam drug or something cut with stimulants than not. I myself had a very bad experience when I thought I had been dosed with acid and the vial turned out to be something called DOB, which I found out as I “came up” and was instantly on the verge of hypothermia/shaking involuntarily. Luckily after we found out (a few friends and I had taken it), we were able to ride it out for 12 hours until we were able to fall asleep. That is an experience I do not wish on anyone and if someone is going to make a conscious decision to take a mind altering substance like LSD, MDMA, etc. they should also be responsible enough to test it and make sure what they get is legit (even the most trusted dealers can be fooled).

  • affairofthepoisons September 15th, 2012 2:03 PM

    Hi Amy,

    Please please please PLEASE do not say that hallucinogens will not cause brain damage if only taken a few times spaced out over a long period of time. This is very incorrect and dangerous to say to your readers.

    Just ONE time of taking a hallucinogen and you can have irreparable brain damage and psychosis. You may entirely lose touch with reality. You may hallucinate on and off for years. There are even some stories of people getting into a bad trip and staying in it. A psychiatrist would call this drug-induced schizophrenia. This is, of course, not the norm, but it does sometimes happen, and to not say that but say the exact opposite in the above article does a disservice to your readers at the very least and is dangerous at most.

    This is something that needs to be talked about, so I applaud this article. Just please do not say untrue dangerous things! :)

    Source: My knowledge of biopsychology, psychosis, abnormal psychology, and drugs and mental health from a B.S. in Psychology and currently in graduate school. Also, you can read here too: http://alcoholism.about.com/cs/lsd/f/lsd_faq04.htm

  • KayKay September 28th, 2012 4:17 PM

    Don’t smoke pot after drinking a bottle of champagne. It accounts for a bad trip, I just felt like crap and then passed out. Also, don’t drink heavily concentrated cocktails the day after that, when you already have a slight hangover. That’ll make you feel really sick and awful and make you want to die of the terribleness of it. I have learnt from my mistakes, or so I hope.

    And a friend of my friend’s once bought pot, but didn’t smell the stuff in the bag before paying for it and it turns out they were tea leaves lol.

  • walkingparadox November 6th, 2012 7:52 PM

    This scares me because the part you said about weed and how you get really lazy which I see happening to me and the worst part is that I’m enjoying it a lot of the time, being stoned and all. I see my life increasingly centering around getting high, some of my closest friendships and even one of my boyfriends was based around buying, selling, and using weed. i started smoking cigarettes when I was high. ugh i’m scared for myself.