In astrology (thank you Susan Miller I AM YOUR LOYAL STUDENT), lunar eclipses cause big shakeups—but always in a productive way. It is a time of cleansing. In my understanding, the moon represents the subconscious and things lurking under the surface, and a lunar eclipse brings those things into the open, making stuff visible and therefore addressable. It exposes dysfunctional situations, which forces you to decide whether to try to work something out or just leave it behind.

There was a partial lunar eclipse on June 4; according to Susan Miller, the effects were supposed to last for a week or two. The moon that shines through my roommate’s window at night must have taken that opportunity to whisper through the blind, “What’s up it’s the MOOOON, it’s time to MOOOOVE OUT.” Because just like Susan predicted, a female roommate would be exiting the building. Literally, my horoscope said that.

I live with two other women, Leah and Kat. I’ve known Kat longer, but I’m closer with Leah. Suddenly last week Kat broke the news to me and Leah that she was moving in with her boyfriend that night. Kat’s name is on the lease, and Leah and I can’t afford to make up for her portion of the rent. So this complicated our lives. No worries, Kat said: she had posted an ad on Craigslist for her room, showed it to some random-ass person, and told them they could move in right away—without even telling us, much less giving us a chance to meet them. Leah and I were, uhhhh, upset?

Fortunately, one of my best friends, Maddy, is returning from Europe today and is taking Kat’s old room for a month—loudest sigh of relief in my life. And, truth be told, things had been tense with Kat for a while, for reasons that are not mine to tell. But they are reasons that needed to come to the surface and be dealt with, and now they have. And since Kat left, Leah and I have been hanging out in the most fancy-free, happy way. We drank and cooked dinner together last night; we’ve been planning the future like we’ve newly moved in, the shift in energy is so palpable.

So thanks, lunar eclipse, for bringing stuff to the surface, instigating some necessary change, and solving some issues for me! I feel a little guilty admitting that Kat’s departure had a positive influence on the energy in our apartment, but hey. Sometimes things just don’t work out, and have got to change. ♦