Chris M.

This is my last week of school. I am SO excited! I am going to summer camp for eight weeks. We will put on a PG version of A Very Potter Musical, adapted by myself, as the camp play. I will make s’mores and play ukulele and live in a cabin for the fourth year in a row! Eeeeee!

My camp is all-girls, with a brother camp across the pond. Every girl becomes best friends within the first couple hours. I swear, it’s crazy. You’ve never seen anyone bond so quickly. Maybe there’s something about the woods or the fresh air or the lack of electricity. It’s just such a good break from everything. You just run around and do whatever you want with your friends all day. It’s awesome.

So, I’m excited about that, and if you read my last (and a few other) diaries, you’re probably thinking, “Oh, and also she is happy to leave because her school is the butt of schools.” I am starting to rethink that. I sounded really snobby in my last diary. (Probably because I was snobby.) I was looking for reasons to hate my school so I wouldn’t seem like an illogical psycho, but honestly the place hasn’t been as bad to me as I’ve probably made it seem. I don’t like my school because I have bad memories associated with it. And because it feels conformist to me. But I haven’t really had any major social problems there. I’m sorry for making it seem like that. I really don’t want to be so whiny! There are more important things to be upset about, things that actually exist.

I just sent my principal my draft of the graduation speech I’m giving on Wednesday (aka today!). I’m going last. I hope people feel that I’m representing them in a fair way in my speech. I feel a little guilty to be doing this considering how bitter and entitled I sounded last week.

So, in conclusion, this is what I have decided this week: I can’t wait for the week to end, but I’ve decided that I will be excited for the beginning of the summer rather than the end of school. ♦