When moments and then whole days that are not hindered by anxiety start building up, I kind of start feeling bits of me returning. You know, baby’s back!

(Since last week I think the Bruce floodgates have opened and the references probably won’t stop. But I’ve been listening to this song all weekend, so deal with it.)

This is a little unnerving though, because parts of me that might have been taken up by anxiety are suddenly free. It’s like I have more space to spread out. It sounds strange, maybe, but sometimes I feel a bit empty without my anxiety, and I just walk around quietly in a sort of daze. It’s a transition I suppose, just like I am trying now to transition to spring. Here’s a photo of my house:

Only kidding. The weather here in Birmingham has been so unbelievably gorgeous—unusual for March—so me and Mum drove through green sun-soaked fields on Sunday. It doesn’t take long to get to the country from where we live. I don’t know, it’s kind of enough for me at the moment to widen my horizons past where they have been. It’s like I’m escaping from a cocoon where I’ve lived for a long time, and so everything is freshly beautiful. I can appreciate it all—walks around a country moat with my mum on a sunny afternoon especially. Thank you for taking photos, Mum, ’cause it feels a little like a daydream now. Just how I am going to do my politics and history assignments with this weather going on I have no idea. ♦