By Dylan

I am obsessed with Beyoncé. You could spend hours trying to find a crack in Beyoncé, but she has everything covered. She plays the whole pop-star game flawlessly. Every video she has ever made is a visual candyland of every outfit I’ve ever dreamed about, every hairdo I wish I could accomplish, every variation of insane eyeliner tricks I’m addicted to trying. Her roster of legendary jams has served me well through most of my years, through thick and thin, from Destiny’s Child to Sasha Fierce. “Countdown” is a masterpiece of the ages that, upon first listen, I could only describe as transcendent. On top of all of this, she champions a diversity of body image in pop culture, doesn’t apologize for being super feminine and super bossy, and is basically married to royalty. She has everything—the perfected aesthetic and fantasy life—but on top of that, her attitude is incredible. She’s humble and powerful and intensely hardworking, all at the same time.

She is everything.

She is MY everything.

She showed me how fucking cool it is to be a FEMALE. That’s a cliché I used to roll my eyes at before, as in, “Why does everyone make such a big deal out of being a woman? Why are they so obsessed with other women as role models?” But now I understand. Self-confidence is really, really hard to achieve, I’ve found. I adopted Beyoncé as my North Star when I needed more confidence, and she showed me the way. My famous angel diva friend, showing me the path of powerful womanhood to her magical goddess kingdom, where I want to live forever on a leopard-print cloud.

And, let’s not forget that “Countdown” is the best song I’ve ever heard in my entire life.