Guess what?!?! I went on a walk today!!!!! So exciting, riggght? Actually, for me this was pretty impressive, seeing as I avoid anything that even remotely resembles athletic activity. That rules out all “sports” except board games, dance, golf, and long strolls.

Anyway, walking was supposed to be a cure for boredom. I sort of kind of expected something exciting or interesting to happen on my walk. Like this one time, my dad was riding his bike around our neighborhood and he was hit by a car. Which was really bad. But he was fine. But still, stuff happens on walks! Maybe. Here are some fascinating observations I made on my walk:

  • Our neighborhood smells like dog poop and pine-tree-scented car inserts.
  • One should never bark back at an angry dog. Especially if the dog is faster than you. Double especially if the owner is present and has no sense of humor.
  • There may or may not be a club of women who run with baby strollers. I didn’t know you could do that!

Anyway, this episode of Katherine Keeps a Diary is brought to you by the letter B (for boredom). Also, it’s brought to you by the fact that ALL OF HER FRIENDS ABANDONED HER TO GO ON FAMILY TRIPS. If I lived in TV world, I would be one of those dogs in those commercials where they ask you for money. My commercial would say something like, “Katherine has been alone for almost a week now. She’s lonely and starving (for attention). However, she is not yet beyond help. Please help by sending money. She needs lots for the holiday season. Just look into her big, sad, pitiful eyes.”

Anyway. I’m off to paint my nails black, listen to NPR, and hang Christmas lights in my room. You’re jealous. Don’t fight it. Or do. And invite me to your parties, while you’re at it. Please? (I’m saying that in a desirable, not-desperate way.)