Dear Diary

November 2, 2011

Oh, just your usual discussions of the European sovereign debt crisis and Lady Gaga. Plus, unusually: crushes!


I spent my week doing two things: counting down to the advent of Halloweekend with the ferocity of the candy-addled child that I am, and having a crush on this dude I just met. In case you were wondering where the inspiration from my last post came from, I don’t care who knows: it was from him and his superfoxy friends. We met last weekend at a party across the street from my place, and have been having stupid conversations on Facebook chat this week that basically consist of scintillating dialogue such as “What is your favorite movie?” and “I’m sooo stoned.” Yep, I always become infatuated with all the right ones! I hope you’re proud, Mom!!!

I made my own costume, and it was awesome, naturally. My freshman roommate and I were cosmic kittens (i.e., cats from outer space). We had plans to go to a friend’s party in the city. But a few days before Halloween I found out about a rock show going on the same night—a show that crush-boy would be playing in! Game changer.

At the first party, I tried recruiting friends to accompany me to crush-boy’s concert. I started with my sidekick number one, who has a car. If she went, I wouldn’t have to walk in the blistery black flats I bought for cosmic kittening, hallelujah. But she didn’t want to leave. My second choice felt the same way. I don’t blame them: the party was really fun, and when the cops came to bust it up they ended up just laughing at the scruffy shirtless dude in cryptic body paint trying to act sober to their faces while costumed drunks stumbled hither and thither, and then leaving without even giving us a scolding.

But at this point, I was feeling pretty dejected. I had high expectations about being able to go to that show and hang out with this dude, and I had been pinning my hopes and candy-fueled crush feelings on it all day. I zoned out for a long time, and knew my trip to Bummertown was getting out of hand when friends came up to me and asked what was wrong. Not cool to be a drag at a fun party. Especially when you’re repping all the kittens from outer space. So what if no one wanted to leave the fun party with me and pay $10 to see a show just to indulge my crushings? I can’t say that I’d ever do that sort of favor for a friend unconditionally, either. Once I realized how silly I was being, I felt dumb, and my bumming at the fun party totally unjustified.

Later, my friends congratulated me for not going to the boy’s show. They were proud of me for playing hard to get, even unwillingly. That didn’t make me feel any better, though. I’m not good at playing that game; when I try to, I feel like I’m just conforming to someone else’s expectations of How to Get Your Man 101. Sorry I’m excited about something, people! I’m naturally energetic and talkative, and when something exciting happens, what’s the point of acting like you don’t care?

The next day, the boy texted me, asking me why I hadn’t been at the show. So in the end, maybe that dumb game worked? Does everyone in the world have to play by the rules of hard to get? I (and all of the other permanently stoked people of this world) hope not. ♦


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  • Marguerite November 2nd, 2011 7:21 PM

    I could never see Britain without the Queen, like what would happen to their family if Britain went republican… would they just become ordinary people? But She’s So Cute! I love you Elizabeth! You are my queen :D – I love Gaga and Hair! Its one of my favs from her… haha Bad Romance came of at a wedding i was recently at and everyone was looking stupid – hilarious!

  • Ruby B. November 2nd, 2011 7:25 PM

    Oh my gosh! I love this! I have been waiting all day for this and it was totally worth it! At 7 when it didn’t pop up I started freaking out until I refreshed it. I love you, Rookie! <3 And I love Katherine's diary!


  • Vikki November 2nd, 2011 7:41 PM

    Fleet Foxes… Oooooooooooooo…

  • I.ila November 2nd, 2011 8:11 PM

    Katherine… At my school you would be by no means weird. anyone who doesn’t listen to different types of music, wear flannel, and occasionally have dance parties wearing odd clothing to Justin Beiber would be termed quite odd, in fact. And nobody, save about 10 people per grade of about 60, has a real partner.

  • emilyelizabeth November 2nd, 2011 8:45 PM

    katherine, you rock!
    dylan, i’m with you on the enthusiasm thing. i told myself i was going to stop pretending to be apathetic and just be as excited about things as i really am.

  • annagracie November 2nd, 2011 8:46 PM

    i love Fleet Foxes…

  • Maddy November 2nd, 2011 9:09 PM

    Dude! That Gaga thing sounds amazing! In a movie you would be surrounded by people cheering you on because your moves (via Gaga) were executed so flawlessly that you were the coolest person alive and you all bonded as sweaty high school friends for one glorious night.

  • jenjencm November 2nd, 2011 9:34 PM

    Dylan: I also kinda have a crush on a guy across the street from me, too! I played hard to get but, don’t do that for too long or else you’ll end up like us. We don’t even talk anymore but, playing hard to get isn’t the whole reason why there’s more to the story. I just wanted to warn you so you don’t end up like us.

  • erin November 2nd, 2011 9:50 PM

    Naomi, you should go to, which stands for Scandinavia and the World. It’s a comic website by a danish girl, and she has little people (a boy and a girl) for each country, who usually signify the general stereotypes of that country. While she usually does comics about the scandinavian country (just to intrigue you, denmark, who lurvs alcohol, sweden, who has glasses and is secretly gay, norway, who has curly hair and is besties with denmark, finland, who always carries a knife and a scowl, and iceland, who has sparkles. just sayin) she always does stuff about the other countries. In her comics, England is the father of America, Canada, and Australia. They are hilarious, and actually quite educational. I now know an uncommon amount about Scandinavian countries and their people compared to my fellow American youths.
    And I can also totally relate to Katherine’s situation… I didn’t get asked to my homecoming dance cause I’m too creepy and socially awkward :/ but whatevs, it’s partially my fault, since my best guy friend was going to ask me, but then I found out he liked me and freaked out and made my best friend tell him not to ask me. because I am really nice and mature. luckily, things aren’t awkward anymore. well, not that much.

    • Naomi Morris November 3rd, 2011 7:13 PM

      ah! thank you! that is so cool

  • sobrina November 2nd, 2011 9:50 PM

    Dylan, you speak to my soul. I am THE WORST at playing hard to get because I am always so enthused by absolutely everything. And it makes crushing very exciting, but also potentially very embarrassing.

  • julalondon November 3rd, 2011 3:54 PM

    Naomi, this was really great to read. As a european myself (who used to live in england) i kind of feel the same way! Thank you!